General Rules

What Kind of Tournament – The Evergreen International is designed to be a highly competitive soccer tournament for club teams U-11 to U-19 for both boys and girls. All teams will be guaranteed three games. Almost half the teams will play at least four games and maybe as many as six games if they advance to the final. The actual number of games will depend on the number of teams playing in the age group.

Dates – The tournament will be held on July 24 – 27, 2003 in Burlington, Washington at the Skagit River Soccer Complex. The tournament will officially start at 12:00 noon on Thursday, July 24th. All teams must be checked in at Registration one hour prior to their first game. Registration will close at noon on Friday, July 25th. The tournament is expected to end on or about 4:00pm on Sunday, July 27th..

Entry Fee – The entry fee is $425 per team (less $25 if all paper work and monies are received on or before May 6, 2003. State Snicker’s Cup Champions or Provincial Champions will receive a $100 reduction in Registration Fees. Finalists in those championships will receive a $50 reduction in Registration Fees.

Entry Deadline – The entry deadline for all monies and paperwork is June 6, 2003. Notice of acceptance will be mailed by June 20, 2003. All out-of-state teams will receive an acceptance or rejection notice within two weeks of receipt of your application and check. This is done to allow teams to make travel arrangements.

Refund Policy – Teams withdrawing after June 6, 2003 will forfeit their entire entry fee. All teams not accepted into the tournament will receive a full refund. In the event of the tournament cancellation, all monies will be returned.

Selection Criteria – The selection committees decisions will be based on the following criteria:



Snohomish County Premier Development Club (SCPDC) teams playing under the names Cascade Avalanche and Shooting Stars



All out of State/Country Premier Level teams



Washington State Premier Level teams

Travel and Housing – Hotels and Motels working with the tournament are posted on the web site ( Additional information is available through our travel coordinator, Sandy at Doug Fox Travel at 888-339-4446 or FAX at 425-258-3314. She can also be reached via e-mail at


General – All players (except guest players) must be registered to the team making application. No “All Star” teams or ODP teams are allowed without written permission from the Tournament Director. A team is allowed up to four guest players who must meet the age criteria for the team playing and they must be currently registered and be in good standing with their state association. They also must have a valid player card (U-14 and above) from their state association. All teams must submit a roster (including jersey #, name and date of birth for each player) signed by the Association Registrar with their application to the tournament. Each team will consist of not more than eighteen players (including guest players). All players (including guest players) must be duly registered and in good standing with their respective state, provincial or national soccer associations, as per FIFA rules, and U-14 players and older must have a valid state player ID card. .
Check In – All teams must have a representative check in at the registration booth located at Skagit River Soccer Park, at least one hour prior to playing their first game. They
MUST bring with them the following information: 1. The most current signed team roster, with guest players added.
2. Completed guest player forms (if you have guest players). 3. Travel papers if you are an out of state team. 4. Player cards (U-14 and above) and/or birth certificates (required for all players) for each player (including guest players). 5. Medical Release forms for each player (a sample medical release form will be posted on the web page).

Playing Rules

WSYSA Rules: WSYSA rules will apply, except as amended below.

No Protests: No protests will be allowed and all referee decisions will be final, except those concerning the use of overage or ineligible players. The opposing coach and referee must be notified of an overage/ineligible protest prior to leaving the field of play and the protest must be submitted in writing to the Field Coordinator within 30 minutes of the match completion. If a protest is upheld, a forfeiture will be awarded for the protested match (a 1-0 victory for the non-offending team) and all previously played matches that included the overage/ineligible player.

The Judiciary Committee: The Judiciary Committee will settle all protests and disputes regarding overage or ineligible players.

Who’s Eligible: All players must be eligible to play in their age division (including guest players). A team roster listing the jersey number, name and date of birth of each player, plus player cards or birth certificates for each player must be carried by the coach/manager to all games for inspection by the referee. Players U-14 and above must also have with them, a valid player card from their state association. All players must also have a medical release form available at each game.

Age Groups:











Conduct: All coaches have total responsibility for the conduct of their players, coaching staff, and team spectators. At no time shall foul or abusive language or misconduct be permitted at any field or other facilities being used for the tournament. Coaches who are either unable or unwilling to control themselves or their sidelines may be cautioned or sent off. The referee will file a written report with the tournament Judicial Committee. A copy of the report and a statement of any action will be sent to the respective state, provincial, or national office..

Termination of Play: If in the opinion of the referee, game play must be terminated for misconduct of the coach, players and/or spectators, the offending team will be charged with a loss and the score will be determined by the judiciary committee. If, in the opinion of the referee, both teams are offending, the game will be terminated and the judiciary committee will determine the score.

Red and Yellow Cards: Any player receiving two yellow cards or one red card in a game will be sent off from that game. In addition, said player(s) will not take part in the next game of the tournament. A player accumulating three yellow cards during the tournament will have to sit out the next scheduled game. A red card for violent conduct may result in either a three game suspension or elimination from further play in the tournament as determined by the Judicial Committee. All yellow and red cards affect this tournament only. However, the respective state, provincial or national office of the disciplined team or player will be notified.

Substitutions: Either team may substitute on a goal kick or following a goal. A team may also substitute on throw-ins of their possession and for their injured player. See below for International substitution rules involving U-16 and older (The school boy friendly five rule). International rules will only be followed where two or more international teams (including Canada and Mexico) are playing in the age group.

Reporting of Scores: Referees are responsible for the game and will report the score of all games to the Field Coordinator at the field and they will then be posted on the scoreboards.

International Substitution Rules in Effect: WSYSA, USYSA and FIFA all require that we use the following substitution rule in appropriate age divisions (U-16 to U-19) where there is more than one international team playing (this includes teams from Canada and Mexico): “FIFA limited substitution rules will apply in divisions involving more than one foreign team in the U16-U19 age categories. In these instances, only five substitutions shall be allowed in each game. After leaving the game, the substituted player shall not be allowed to re-enter the game.” This is often referred to as “The school boy friendly five rule”. Also, foreign teams must provide proof of permission to travel from their National or Provincial Association.

Six Second Rule: Goalies will be required to use the 6-second rule as defined in WSYSA rules.